NBA 2K21 VC Glitch: How to Make It Happen

Photo courtesy of E.A Sports

NBA 2K21 VC Glitch is the most important thing in NBA 2K21, and here is a VC glitch! If you are serious about improving your MyPlayer and winning games at the park, you will need VC to rank up. If you don’t want to pay for the coins or play MyCareer all day, then here’s your glitch!

For quick and easy VC, you should go over to your MyLeague and simulate the games. What you’ll need to do is click on a game date, and simulate the game. However, when you do it, make sure that you have the SimCast on.

NBA 2k21 VC Glitch: How to Make It Happen

Each time you do this you will get about 150 VC which is very good for something this quick and easy. The more you do this, the more you will get coins.

However, the best way to get VC is to just play the games. NBA 2K is moves very quickly to patch glitches so the best way to get the coins and level up is to play games.