NBA 2K22 Best Way to Get Shooting Badges

Image provided by Take-Two Interactive Software.
Image provided by Take-Two Interactive Software. /

NBA 2K22 is a game that requires skill to play, but there’s another component that may make or break how a player can play. With Shooting Badges, players can alter the way they go about moving around the court and making shots, so here’s the best way to earn shooting badges in NBA 2K22.

Shooting Badges are a mechanic that alters the way a player shoots, making shots have a longer range or greater accuracy. They’re sort of like perks from other multiplayer games, and there are quite a few here. With this strategy, players should be able to yield enough points a game to earn at least one badge. Since shooting badges will be discussed here, a player’s focus should be solely on shooting. Keep in mind that this is one method of racking up points. 

NBA 2K22 Best Way to Get Shooting Badges

For this strategy, equip the Triple Threat over the Normal stance. When a game begins, run straight to the three-point line and do a Fake Pass, followed by a Jab Step. The character should begin to do a Takeover, in which players must take the shot. If done correctly, a green flash will appear over the avatar, signaling that the player has earned a ton of points. Keep doing this to earn a massive amount of points per game.

It shouldn’t take too long to rack up enough points to unlock most, if not all, of the Shooting Badges. These badges are super essential to playing well, so players need to make their best effort to unlock them, alongside the other kinds of badges available in NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K22 is now available to play on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.