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NBA 2K22 Error Code 4b538e50: What is it?

Image courtesy of 2K

Players have been reporting instances of error code 4b538e50 cropping up for NBA 2K22. Here's what you need to know.

NBA 2K22 has finally released, but some players have unfortunately had an error code crop up: 4b538e50. It's alway a pain to be met with an error code, especially for a game that you're eager to play. The displayed error messages are usually unhelpful, too. So, what is this error code and how exactly can it be fixed?

NBA 2K22 Error Code 4b538e50: What is it?

Fortunately, error code 4b538e50 isn't anything serious. According to 2K's support blog, players are likely seeing this error because they don't have the latest data downloaded. This essentially stops the game in its tracks until the update file has been downloaded.

It's an easy enough fix but it might take some time depending on the download size and the speed of your internet connection. Once the download is complete, a message should pop up in game asking you to return to the main menu so that the update can take effect. After that, everything should run smoothly. According to 2K, playing a couple of games in "Play Now" mode is should trigger the download.

The support blog did highlight some other reasons why the error might be showing, so it could take a bit of effort to work out which one is affecting your system. These reasons are:

  • The account email confirmation needs to be sent again.
  • A player has exceeded the amount of allowed NBA 2K accounts on their console (the maximum number allowed is 5).
  • There may be some software blocking your connection to 2K's servers. They have suggested
  • trying a PathPing and a TraceRoute to see if there is any interference.

  • Reserved Space has been cleared on your hard drive. This is the space that has been allocated on your hard drive for updates and patches.
  • Your data is out of sync.

The good news is that all of these problems are fixable, so players should be able to get back to playing the game as normal with ease.