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NBA 2K22 First Fridays Explained

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NBA 2K22's First Fridays is a new musical concept for the latest installment to the series.

NBA 2K22 has officially dropped and fans of the franchise are already excited as they explore the new features in this year's game. One of the features being talked about is "First Fridays."

NBA 2K22 First Fridays Explained

Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson tweeted out that NBA 2K would be adding a new feature called First Fridays into NBA 2K22.

First Fridays is described as a new feature where "Every Friday throughout the NBA season you'll get new music added to the soundtrack from both up-and-coming artists and world-renowned musicians."

This new part of the 2K franchise sounds like a great opportunity to keep the game exciting every week for fans and also a chance for up-and-coming artists to get their name out there for the public in ways they could not have before.

Soundtracks are a foundational piece in not only sports games but every genre. This new feature adds a whole new dimension to the soundtrack part of video games and puts 2K in the limelight for this innovation.