NBA 2K22 How to Get the Go-Kart

NBA 2K22 is here and has introduced Seasons to the series. Similar to other games and their battle pass-like systems, players will be able to earn cool rewards and prizes from playing games and leveling up the Season. The most coveted prize this season is the Go-Kart, and here’s how to get it.

The Go-Kart is an unlock that allows the character to roam The City in a kart instead of walking or using roller skates. The kart has been made to resemble a basketball, keeping in theme with NBA 2K22. It was introduced in the first season at launch, and players are hard at work unlocking this cool feature. 

NBA 2K22 How to Get the Go-Kart

As a part of Season 1, the Go-Kart can be unlocked by the player maxing out all the levels of the Season, which is Level 40. To advance levels, players must earn XP through multiplayer matches, whether they’re in The City or The Neighborhood. Given that Level 40 is the highest tier in the season, it’s going to take quite a bit of time to max everything out. 

When rewarded, players are able to equip and use the kart in the multiplayer hub, which allows the player to move significantly faster than if they were walking. The kart mechanics are similar to other games, and it even comes with a turbo boost to go super fast for a short time. It’s just a fun and neat little way to make exploring the multiplayer hub more fun. Maybe skins for the karts will go on sale soon, or maybe players could earn skins in future seasons.

Players can now play and earn rewards from Season 1 in NBA 2K22.