NBA 2K22 New Features: What to Expect

Image provided by Take-Two Interactive Software.
Image provided by Take-Two Interactive Software. /

NBA 2K22 is right around the corner, and fans are excited to make use of the many new features this title will introduce.

Changes to Offense and Defense gameplay will be implemented, designed with court tactics in mind. New combos and precision shots will be key to taking the court by storm, while a newly-designed blocking system allows for better and faster defense.

Following suit with how other games deliver post-launch content, 2K22 will feature Seasons. Across all modes, players can partake in the ongoing seasons and play new game modes while earning rewards and prizes. More news about Seasons will be revealed as the launch date draws closer, though the game promises there will be quite a bit of content to come. MyTEAM makes a return in 2K22, and will constantly be expanded upon every season with new content. 

NBA 2K22 New Features: What to Expect

2K22 introduces “The City,” an online hub where players can partake in an open world environment while also serving as a new system designed to streamline matchmaking for quick games. With it comes the ability to make and customize home bases, areas where players can decorate and express how they want their hubs to be.

The game will also introduce “Hidden Talents,” a game mode where players can step away from the court and chase their dreams, ranging from fashion mogul to hip-hop star. His game mode can fund and unlock items to place in your home base.

NBA 2K22 will release on Sept. 10, 2021 for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.