NBA 2K22 Puma Mania MyCareer Event Guide

"Rock a Puma top or shoes to multiply your Rep."
"Rock a Puma top or shoes to multiply your Rep." / Image courtesy of 2K

In NBA 2K22, Puma Mania is one of, if not the most sought-after Event by MyCareer players looking to rep up quickly.

Now that Season 4: Hunt 4 Glory is out, it appears the sports brand with the big cat logo is out to not help players drip out their MyPlayers, but also unlock the Tiger as well. For those looking to get to Level 40 and hit Legend status as fast as possible, here's a breakdown of the Puma Mania Event on NBA 2K22 Next Gen.

NBA 2K22 Puma Mania MyCareer Event Guide

In NBA 2K22, Puma Mania typically returns randomly out of the blue for a weekend, which in turn, has made it somewhat of a priority for Park players.

When the event is active, the only extra step all players need to is to spend some VC on Puma gear. Even if it's just a pair of Puma socks, the event's bonus will only be granted for those who wear at least one Puma item.

After that, players simply need to play games in the City. The more you play, the larger the reward.

All games played while wearing Puma items will earn players 2XP. After 24 hours have passed since players' first games during the event, however, they will start to earn 3XP.

Finally, another 24 hours after, players will start earning as much as 4XP until the event eventually ends.

When players wonder how others are able to hit Level 40 so fast and so easily, Puma Mania is often the answer.