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NBA 2K22 Squad Invites: How to Send or Receive

Courtesy of 2K Games
Courtesy of 2K Games /

With the release of the year's 2K game, a plethora of glitches and bugs have come alongside it. This year, players have had serious issues inviting their friends to squads in order to play online together in the park or other areas. Players would send invites but the system would simply just not put them through to the other end. Now there is a temporary fix to this bug, but 2K themselves have not done anything to fix it as of now.

NBA 2K22 Squad Invites: How to Send or Receive

In order to fix this bug, there is no fancy workaround. Instead, players must spam the invite button. Doing this will hopefully get one through the slow and barely working social system in the game. This as of now is the only known fix. There is no bug fix, no alternate solution. After spamming through the invites, one will eventually come through after a long enough time of having them be sent out. 2K is working on a fix for this problem currently but as of now there is nothing players can do except hope the system works based on the number of invites.

Until 2K can roll out a fix for this very annoying bug, players will simply have to work with this patchwork solution for now. 2K has become famous for bugs like these that prevent certain modes from being played the way they were intended to be, with friends. The game has been out for a very short period, but it is still concerning that a bug like this has lasted more than a day or so.