NBA 2K23 Dunk Controls: Full List

Photo Courtesy of 2K
Photo Courtesy of 2K / Photo Courtesy of 2K

It is hard to play NBA 2K23 without using a lot of different in-game mechanics. However one is more important than the rest. Knowing how to dunk in 2K23 is very valuable for being successful in-game.

The mechanics for dunking are pretty similar to 2K22, but there are a few changes here regarding the dunk animations. Gamers now can choose just how their player will dunk in a game, they have a lot of different options to choose from.

Gamers can choose to dunk with two hands, with their strong or weak hand, using a flashy move, or even the ability to hang on the rim after. The options are endless and we have the full list of controls for you below:

NBA 2K23 Dunk Controls: Full List

  • UP = Two-Hand 
  • RIGHT = Strong Hand 
  • LEFT = Weak Hand 
  • DOWN = Rim Hang 
  • UP-UP = Flashy Two-Hand 
  • DOWN-UP = Flashy One-Hand 
  • UP-DOWN = Normal Skill Dunk with meter 
  • DOWN-DOWN = Rim Hang Skill Dunk with meter 

On next-generation consoles, gamers can control their rim-hangs like never before with real-life physics included in the animations. 2K went into great detail about this change on their website. Basically, as you drive to the hoop press, the rim-hang dunk control of your choosing but keep the sprint trigger activated the entire time. Once the dunk is completed, your player will stay hanging on the rim for as long as you choose.

This gives players a fun new way to interact in-game with the ability to customize and flaunt their skill a bit more in-game. The ability to show off a bit more in-game and really make things more personal to each gamer is a win in my book.

Now the best thing to do is to practice those different dunking mechanics. Also if you are interested in learning more about the best players to use for a jump shot, we got you covered.