NBA 2K24 Pre-Load Times

Players can now preload NBA 2K24 on all devices.
Players can now preload NBA 2K24 on all devices. / Visual Concepts

NBA 2K24 is just three days away, and fans want to know what the official NBA 2K24 pre-load times are for Current and Next Gen.

NBA 2K24 is bringing some incredible new designs to The City and the Neighborhood, as well as a handful of new and returning badges. Plus, players will get to explore MyTEAM changes like the new Salary Cap mode, MTP upgrades, and the addition of the Player Market.

With so much new content, the download for NBA 2K24 will take a considerable amount of time on all platforms. The best way to ensure you can play the new title as soon as it releases is to pre-load NBA 2K24 onto your device.

So, when can you start pre-loading NBA 2K24?

NBA 2K24 Pre-Load Times

Players can now pre-load NBA 2K24 on all platforms. Although Visual Concepts never announced official NBA 2K24 pre-load times, many users realized earlier today that the game can finally be pre-loaded.

NBA 2K24 is 161 GB on Next Gen, and 108 GB on Current Gen. The download will take some time regardless of the platform, so be sure to start pre-loading the game as soon as possible. If you need to free up some storage space, now would be the time.

How to Pre-Load NBA 2K24

To pre-load NBA 2K24, you first must pre-order the game. There are several different editions players can choose from to gain access to not only the full game, but a range of bonus rewards as well.

You will be able to start the download after purchase. Although the pre-load might be done days in advance, you will not be able to start playing NBA 2K24 until Friday, Sept. 8, 2023.

Is There Early Access to NBA 2K24?

No, there is no early access to NBA 2K24. Some popular content creators were given exclusive access to play the new title a few weeks early, but there is no way for the public to play NBA 2K24 before release day.

Those who pre-load their game will be ready to dive right in come Sept. 8 and get started building their player.