Necromancer Joins Magic: Legends Launch Classes

The Necromancer's design incorporates Gothic architecture for a distinctive look.
The Necromancer's design incorporates Gothic architecture for a distinctive look. | Courtesy of Cryptic Studios

The Necromancer will be the fifth playable class available when Magic: Legends launches, the game's creators revealed Wednesday.

The Necromancer's kit enables them to spend their own life force with abandon, as they can replenish it by stealing it from enemies.

The class's primary ability is Grim Siphon, a mid-range attack that deals impact damage but also leeches health from the target to the Necromancer. Its secondary ability, Grave Upheaval, deals damage to enemies and summons a pair of skeletons. Finally, the Necromancer's utility ability is Soul Wither, which generates clouds of black mana in a circle around the player, poisoning and slowing nearby enemies. While the cloud is active, the Necromancer can heal itself for a percentage of the damage dealt by moving through slowed enemies.

In designing the Necromancer's appearance, the team at developer Cryptic Studios tried to capture the intensity of black mana.

"Black mana focuses on the acquisition of strength through the manipulation of life forces, so we wanted to make sure they looked imposing yet refined," wrote staff systems designer Tradd Thompson and game art director Barclay Chantel in a blog post discussing the character's design.

"We took cues from old gothic cemetery fences and crypt gates to give them a distinctive vibe," the designers continued.

The Necromancer joins the previously revealed Geomancer, Beastcaller, Mind Mage and Sanctifier ahead of Magic: Legends' 2021 release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Check out our hands-on preview of the game here.