Negotiation Strictness in FIFA 21 Explained

Negotiation strictness in FIFA 21 explained.
Negotiation strictness in FIFA 21 explained. / EA Sports

The negotiation strictness option is a new feature in FIFA 21. In previous FIFA games, conquering the transfer market in career mode was laughably easy. Users could sign practically any players they wished for their club, often at a frugal price. Now with the negotiation strictness feature in FIFA 21, career mode has been injected with some much-needed realism.

Negotiation Strictness in FIFA 21 Explained

When starting a new career in FIFA 21, negotiation strictness will appear in the options menu. There are two choices for negotiation strictness in FIFA 21: loose and strict. The loose option will keep the career mode experience similar to previous games, where players can be signed with relative ease. The strict option will enhance the difficulty in signing players and make transfer negotiations more reflective of the real world.

There are many new restrictions that become implemented under the strict negotiation strictness setting in FIFA 21. The most noticeable is that players now cost more money depending on their ability, potential, and legacy with the club. It is far more common for clubs to outright refuse offers for their biggest stars. Rival clubs will often deny you the opportunity to buy any of their players as well.

Strict negotiation strictness in FIFA 21 also impacts whether players will want to join your club even if you successfully purchase them. Players will not want to move from a top tier club to one with less prestige or success. Players can also develop a one club trait that will decrease the chances of them leaving their current side. Players can also hold a grudge against your club for numerous reasons and will refrain from signing with you.

Negotiation strictness in FIFA 21 gives users a much more dynamic career mode experience. For those that want a challenge and authenticity, the strict option gives them an alternative they have been waiting on for years. And for those who want to assemble their dream roster on their favorite club, the loose option allows them that freedom.