Nemesis Kit DBD: Perks, Abilities, Zombies

Nemesis' kit in Dead By Daylight, explained.
Nemesis' kit in Dead By Daylight, explained. / Photo courtesy of Behavior Interactive

Nemesis' Kit in Dead By Daylight has been revealed ahead of his arrival in the upcoming Chapter XX: Resident Evil DLC set for release June 15. The monster best known for terrorizing Raccoon City in the Resident Evil series excels at mid-range attacking and using zombies to capture survivors. Here's what you need to know about the killer.

Nemesis Kit DBD: Perks

Nemesis' perks are called Lethal Pursuer, Hysteria and Eruption. They incentivize ambushing survivors, but aren't the easiest to use in the game.

Lethal Pursuer: You have been designed to track down and eliminate targets. At the start of the Trial, the Auras of all survivors are revealed to you for 5/6/7 seconds, depending on level.

Hysteria: You know how to brutalize one member of a team to cause a panic. Whenever you put a healthy survivor into the Injured State with a basic attack, all injured survivors suffer from the Oblivious status effect for 20/25/30 seconds, depending on level. Hysteria has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Eruption: The Ne-α parasite provides you with the intelligence and awareness needed to set a trap. After kicking a generator, its Aura is highlighted in yellow. When you put a Survivor into the Dying State with a basic attack, every affected Generator explodes, regressing their progress by 6% and causing their Auras to disappear. Any survivor repairing a Generator when it explodes will scream and suffer from the Incapacitated status effect for 10/12/14 seconds based on level. Eruption has a cooldown of 90 seconds.

Nemesis Kit DBD: Abilities

Nemesis' main weapon is his fists, but he also has a special attack called Tentacle Strike. Pressing and holding the Power button will charge the attack, and if it hits a survivor it will contaminate them. If they're already contaminated, they'll just take damage.

Contaminated survivors become Hindered. They can cure the contamination using a vaccine, four of which can be found in supply cases spread around the map. Using a vaccine also briefly shows the survivor's location.

Hitting a survivor with a Tentacle Strike also increases Nemesis' Mutation Rate. At Mutation Rate 2, Tentacle Strike gains the ability to destroy breakable walls and pallets. Mutation Rate 3 slightly increases Tentacle Strike's range by a meter.

Nemesis Kit DBD: Zombies

Nemesis' special enemy is a pair of zombies that roam the Trial Grounds. When a Zombie attacks a Survivor, they'll contaminate them. If they're already contaminated, they'll take damage.

Survivors can destroy zombies with pallets. Nemesis can destroy them, too, to raise his Mutation Rate with Tentacle Strike. Destroyed zombies respawn after 12 seconds.