Apex Legends

Nessie Easter Egg Found on Broken Moon in Apex Legends

There is no better feeling than finding an Easter egg hidden away by the developers in your favorite game. One of the most beloved Easter eggs in Apex Legends is Nessie, a small plushie in the image of the Loch Ness monster which players can find in many different areas.

Players were quick to poke through Apex Legends' newest map, Broken Moon, for any secrets or goodies and were not disappointed. One player on Reddit showed off a secret area accessible only by legends with movement skills, such as Valkyrie.

For the easiest way to find this Easter egg, players should lock in Valkyrie at the start of the game. While there are many legends with movement abilities that players can choose from, none offer the same airborne control as Valkyrie does. There is a POI on Broken Moon called The Core where players will notice an oscillating fan in the center.

Using Valkyrie's jetpack, players will need to clip themselves into the spinning blades. Being smart with the fuel in Valkyrie's jetpack is essential to pulling this off and seeing the secret. When players clip through the fans, they will notice that a small Nessie plushie on the edge of the ring.

While finding this Easter egg might not give the player any sort of reward, it is nice to know that the developers at Respawn are giving their players something to look forward to finding.