New $10 Charity Bundle for Abortion Funds Live on

Image courtesy of is currently hosting a new charity bundle featuring over 750 works for $10, with the aim of raising money for abortion funds in the US.

The new "Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds" features content from 604 creators who have all contributed in solidarity for those affected by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The charity bundle pledges to send 100% of the proceeds to the National Network for Abortion Fund's Collective Power Fund, which moves money to abortion funds across 20+ U.S. states, particularly those where access to abortions is incredibly restricted, such as the South and Midwest.

The charity bundle features a huge array of creative indie works and content, including the likes of Calico and Catlateral Damage.

The bundle is available for a minimum purchase of $10, but those who wish to donate more are welcomed to do so. All games included within the bundle are available as direct downloads from the page.

The indie bundle has a donation goal of $50,000 which, at the time of writing, has been surpassed and is currenty at $55,395.95 raised. Players can purchase the bundle via the website.