Apex Legends

New Apex Exploit Turns Vantage into a Mobile Heat Shield

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Apex Legends

Exploiting Vantage's companion Echo can create a mobile heat shield. Vantage was introduced as the latest character in Apex Legends. Vantage released with Season 14, and has completely become a fan favorite.

Vantage's kit includes many abilities, including Spotter's Lens and Sniper Mark. These abilities allow Vantage to pinpoint enemies and see through Mirage's decoy. Vantage also has Echo, a flying companion that she can leap to in order to gain an advantage over her enemies.

Players however, have found new and creative ways to use Echo. Redditor SmithyButBig posted a clip to the Apex Legends Reddit of them using Echo as a mobile heat shield.

In the clip, the player needs to rotate but is faced with the zone closing in. Somehow the player was able to throw a heat shield on top of Echo, who then flew into the sky. Once in the air, the player was able to move freely through the zone as the barrier created by the heat shield followed them wherever they went.

Tricks like this have been used in Warzone, but this is one of the first instances of it happening in Apex Legends. In Warzone, the devs haven't taken away players' ability to put trophy systems or gas shields on vehicles, but it's unclear if Respawn will follow that standard.

Regardless, it seems inevitable that Vantage will be getting a nerf, but only time will tell the extent of it.