New Apex Legends Arena Map Leaked

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A new Apex Legends Arenas map allegedly entitled Encore appears to have leaked on Wednesday according to Shrugtal, a software engineer and Apex Legends dataminer. While only one image appears to have been part of the leak it offers a good glimpse at the alleged upcoming Arenas map.

Many in the Apex community were disappointed that Encore would be an Arenas map and not a battle royale one. Fans are still excited for the map's release, but were hoping to see more battle royale content. Cloud9 Pro Player PVPX even replied to the leak, adding "I wish they just added all these new maps to BR."

Fans will have to wait for further information on a release date, as Shrugtal's tweet included no additional information beyond the map's alleged name.

Respawn Entertainment seems to have a leak problem on their hands, as this leak is just the latest in a recent line of them. There have been multiple leaks on Wednesday alone, in fact.

A ton of information regarding Apex's Halloween Event was also leaked on Wednesday. The leak included skins and the title of the event both of which weren't supposed to be released until next month. The leak included multiple themed skins and revealed some additional items that would be released as part of the event. Wattson's Heirloom also seemed to be revealed in the third Apex Legends' leak of Wednesday.