New Apex Legends Bug Breaks Wraith's Ultimate

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The latest bug to emerge in Apex Legends affects Wraith's Ultimate, rendering it useless in World's Edge.

Hot on the heels of Apex Legend's recent 1.86 update comes yet another frustrating bug, this time affecting Wraith players. While Wraith has remained a popular Legend for quite some time now, this latest bug could see her pick-rate plummet.

Players choosing Wraith for World's Edge matches have been put at a disadvantage lately, after discovering that her Ultimate ability, Dimensional Rift, has been disappearing into structures. Set to create and link two portals for players to travel through, the ability has been rendered completely ineffective thanks to this bug.

New Apex Legends Bug Breaks Wraith's Ultimate

It's unclear exactly why this bug is occuring, or why it only seems to exist on World's Edge. Sadly, it seems that the problem is easy to stumble across, leading many players to abandon Wraith - at least for the time being.

Fortunately, it seems that Respawn has taken note according to the Trello board. The problem is currently being investigated with a fix, hopefully, to come in a later patch. It seems the main trouble occurs around the map's centrepiece, the Harvester. The area has a high loot poot, making it a hot area, but without their Ultimate ability Wraith players will likely find themselves in deep water.

Until a fix has been deployed, players would be best avoiding Wraith, or at least when playing on World's Edge. Keep an eye on the Trello board to see when a fix has been deployed for this one.