Apex Legends

New Apex Legends Bug Cuts Game Audio Completely

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Another bug seems to have made its way into Apex Legends, and this time it's cutting in-game audio.

Despite Respawn's latest efforts, bugs still seem to be plaguing Apex Legends. Many of the bugs have been frequently recurring, often without warning and much to the frustration of players. Some bugs have been a particular burden, such as losing all in-game audio mid-match.

A post by Reddit user 'Florence-_-' gave other players a glimpse at this bug first hand. In the post, a video showed the user's gameplay where the audio completely cuts out mid-match. The clip was accompanied by the user writing "come on Respawn, how can your audio get so bad it completely cuts out at random?"

While this bug isn't game breaking, it certainly is frustrating. With no warning, audio cutting out can become a major problem. Players could be left without being able to hear teammate, enemies, or their surroundings, making it even harder to navigate the match unscathed.

New Apex Legends Bug Cuts Game Audio

At the time of writing, the post received over 1,500 upvotes, suggesting that this has been a major issue for many players. Others were quick to share their own experiences of audio bugs in the comments. One commentor said, "sometimes it’s zero audio. No chat, no nothing. Other times it’s game chat and nothing else."

User 'Posh420' said that they "had a game the day before were everything just echoed. Every gun shot had a reverb on it and echoed for mad long."

Fans have labeled Season 10 as one of the buggiest so far, with many calling for an "Operation Health" style push in order to fix the issues for good. Respawn developers have rejected the calls, though, explaining why it just wouldn't work logistically.

While there has been no word on when players can expect the audio bugs to be fixed, it's likely that Respawn developers are already looking into it. Perhaps by the time Season 11 rolls around, we'll start seeing a massive improvement to the Apex experience.