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New Apex Legends Out-Of-Bounds Update Frustrating Players with Bugs

Apex Legends
Apex Legends / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are having some matches end early by an interaction between the new out-of-bounds update and bugged walls across the maps. The new update was meant to limit campers' hiding spots around the map and allow for more face-to-face action, however, instead it is causing problems for regular players with bugs.

Many changes have been revealed throughout Season 13 to make the game better, both in normal and Ranked matches. There are some parts across Apex maps that are "out-of-bounds" near cliffs and ledges while also being a bit awkward to escape from – which is even more apparent given the recent changes. One player shared their frustrations on Reddit, getting their match ended early by these bugs.

They were outside of the circle and looking to take a Gravity Cannon back into the zone. Unfortunately for them, they had a run-in with a cliffside that had invisible barriers keeping them from leaving. The player was caught in a bad spot that got even worse after the invisible barriers made it impossible to find a way off the ledge. Though they eventually found an escape, their match soon ended since the timer to get back into the field expired.

“This is the exact and entire reason why I hate this f**king change,” one user said.

Another user added: “I died in nearly the exact same spot two days ago because I got stuck in a sliding animation and couldn’t fly either as Valk. This cliffside is cursed.”

Based on the replies, its clear that this new change by Respawn did the opposite of what was intended. Instead of making life more difficult for campers, it made it more difficult for all players. Usually Respawn are quick to patch out these types of bugs, so hopefully more Apex Legends players won’t get caught in these new bugged areas.