Apex Legends

New Apex Legends “Punch-Boost” Speeds up Your Slides

Respawn Entertainment

Players have discovered a new trick in Apex Legends that allows you to exponentially speed up your sliding going downhill. The trick will not only help with speeding up travel time by a few seconds, but with raining down on enemies before they even know what hit them.

Tricks such as super-gliding and tap-strafing have become popular movement-tactics in Apex, and the new "punch-boost" trick will help players maneuver around the map even faster. Discovered and shared by user "wrthcrw" on Youtube, her video features her using the trick to speed down a slope with a lot of momentum. To do this trick is pretty easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. Face in front of a terrain at higher elevation than your character.
  2. Crouch
  3. Melee while holding "S" on PC or your analong stick backwards on console.
  4. Slide backwards

The trick can be done on any surface as long as it is elevated higher than you are. You'll notice that compared to regularly siding down a slope, you'll be moving much faster. Combined with the other available movement tricks in Apex, you will be almost unchaseable when feeling out-gunned in battle, or just to to meet enemies head-on before they can see you coming.

Try this trick out today and let us know if it makes an impact on your speed and skill in Apex Legends.