New Apex Legends Teaser Possibly Reveals New Chapter in Loba's Season 5 Storyline

Apex Legends Season 5 Teasers could have more details on Loba's storyline
Apex Legends Season 5 Teasers could have more details on Loba's storyline / Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends' Season 5's teasers have been simple and vague, but the community has done a great job of sorting out what exactly they might mean. As more clues come out and the Season 5 release imminent, the story is starting to take shape.

It started with Loba — a daughter orphaned by Season 4's legend release Revenant. Next, electronic devices littered around the map showed a glimpse and some big map changes that might be coming. Now, we have an official tweet from the Apex Legends twitter. This is the first official teaser released by Apex Legends as everything else was found scattered. A tweet from the account themselves can only indicate that big things are close.

Apex Legends Season 5 Storyline Teaser

The tweet sets up as a file directory leading us to an email that is titled HAMMOND_SYND. This email isn't actually new, but the post-it notes below it are. The email is a chain between two Hammond officials worried about Revenant and how dangerous he is now that he has gone rogue.

What are these post-it notes though? The community seems to think that it's our new legend Loba. People think it's Loba's frantic messages wondering how she can kill Revenant and get her revenge. There is no confirmation Loba will be our season 5 legend, but it would be incredibly shocking if she didn't make her debut within the next few weeks.

Is the large post-it note with "Source Code" circled and underlined how Loba can kill Revenant? We could be wrong about Loba's backstory, though. She might not be the same little girl in Revantnts release trailer, but it seems convincing. If the community is right (and I think we are), we could be seeing Loba and Revenant meet head on. Loba knows Revenant is in the Apex Games and is just developing her plan to take him out when she meets him there.