New Arenas Map for Apex Legends Leaked

A new map was leaked for Arenas in Apex Legends
A new map was leaked for Arenas in Apex Legends / Photo by Respawn Entertainment

A new Arenas map for Apex Legends was unearthed by data miners Tuesday. The new map, named Overflow, was discovered after intrepid Apex Legends fans went through the files for the game's 9.1 update. Looking at the leaked images, Overflow appears to be set in a factory, accompanied by flowing pools and rivers of lava.

New Arenas Map for Apex Legends Leaked

One of the data miners, KralRindo, also found some behind-the-scenes images of the map, presumably from back when the developers were creating and designing the map. Respawn Entertainment hasn't said anything officially about Overflow, or when it could be added to the game, so fans eager to try out the new factory setting with friends and foes will have to wait. Recently, a Level Designer job posting for Respawn Entertainment was announced, with many speculating that this could a sign of new maps, both for battle royale and Arenas. It could mean nothing as far as Overflow is concerned, but it's certainly something worth noting when considering a release date for the leaked map.

Arenas is the newest game mode introduced in Apex Legends, but fans across the Apex community have been loving it so far. With a high pace of action and shorter matches, Arenas offers an nice compliment to the main-stay in Apex Legends, the battle royale.

For Apex Legends fans looking to bide their time until Overflow arrives in game, they can check out how they can earn Heirloom Shards and score some rare items for their favorite Legend.