New Blizzard Job-Listing Hints at Overwatch 2 Anti-Cheat Features

Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

It seems Blizzard will be implementing anti-cheat features into Overwatch 2, according to a new job-listing.

With the Overwatch 2 Beta gearing up to launch later this month on April 26, many players will be wondering about the way game will combat hackers and cheaters. Anyone who has ever played one of the many popular multiplayer shooters in current circulation will have likely run into cheaters at some point, often ruining active matches.

The original Overwatch was no exception, having had its fair share of hackers and cheaters over its lifespan. It's because of this that many players are anxious to see if the same issues will persist with the long awaited sequel.

Thanks to a recent job-listing posted by Blizzard, it seems that the studio will be taking some steps to curb the problems.

Overwatch 2 Job-Listing Reveals Anti-Cheat Features in the Works

The job listing, posted on Blizzard's official careers page, lists a role for a Senior Software Engineer specifically targeting gameplay and anti-cheat.

The rather theatrical job description lists calls for candidates who share Blizzard's values but also for those with "experience in multiplayer game systems and game security." The responsibilities of the role include:

  • Work with game security and other groups to understand how hacks and cheats attack the game
  • Design and develop gameplay features across client and server to mitigate cheating and abuse

While the job-listing doesn't specify exactly how the game's upcoming anti-cheat features will work, it should come as some reassurance for fans that a system is being put in place. Whether or not it'll be ready in time for the game's launch is anyone's guess, but at least Blizzard is taking a stand against Overwatch's rampant hacker culture.