New Brigitte Skin Comes With Unique Voice Lines

Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Even with Overwatch 2 on the horizon, Blizzard still has been constantly updating and improving Overwatch. In fact, Blizzard has even begun to integrate abilities from Overwatch 2 into Overwatch so players can become accustomed to changes being made.

One of the newest editions to Overwatch is a cosmetic item for Brigitte. She recently received a StarCraft-themed skin that is all white with a red chest piece.

What surprised players is that the support hero's new skin also came with unique voice lines. Reddit user fly.gande jakob said they have seen "over 10 different voice lines" when using the new skin.

This is an interesting development — skins released in the past would trigger unique voice lines that help elaborate on in-game lore, but this is the first time voice lines tied to a skin vaguely refer to the theme of the skin.

One voice line in particular says ,"Please state the nature of your medical emergency," which is a call back to StarCraft, which serves as inspiration for the Brigitte skin. The aforementioned Reddit user also said that the weapons and overall character felt "spacey."

It's unclear if Blizzard has plans to continue with this style of promotional skin.