Apex Legends

New Bug in Apex Legends Allows Players to Break Into Vaults

A Reddit user, along with his team found a new bug to break into vaults with Wraith and Revenant. | Photo by Electronic Arts, Respawn Entertainment

As part of the latest discoveries found in Apex Legends, some players on Reddit posted a video that showed a new bug that allows players to access vaults without needing a key.

Typically, the vaults are scattered in a few places around the map, in which players would need to get a key by cargo bots that fly around the map. The bots when then have keys that indicate the tier of loot that can be gathered inside. Inside the vaults will contain various weapons and gear to reward players that want to strategize and trade their low-level gear for far superior ones.

Though, breaking into vaults is not a new discovery in the game with players sometimes using Revenant and Pathfinder in order to break inside the vaults. However, this new glitch calls for some setup and creativity in order to break in.

Posted on the Apex Legends subreddit, the exploit requires both Wraith and Revenant in order to get inside without a key. The video shows the team of players by the vault in the cave by The Train Yard using Revenant putting a Death Totem between the back of a supply crate/loot bin and in front of the wall of the vault.

The Wraith player then uses the death protection from the totem and phases through a portal while damaging herself. Somehow, the portal will go through the wall and into the vault which allows her teammates access inside as well. The team of bandits proceeds to take the loot inside and get out easily by going through the same portal.

As this is a newfound glitch in the game, Respawn Entertainment has yet to take action on this with no updates at the time of writing this on their Trello board.