New Call of Duty Map Mayhem is Universal Studios Meets Nuketown

Who wants to watch Pacific Rim again?
Who wants to watch Pacific Rim again? / Courtesy of Activision

The new movie-themed map Mayhem is a return to classic CQB oriented maps like the famous Nuketown from Call of Duty Black Ops, or Shipment from Modern Warfare.

For fans of these classic maps, they may find joy in knowing that their legacy lives on in Vanguard with Mayhem.

First revealed during the Call of Duty Vanguard Roadmap, Mayhem is an exciting prospect to add to the mix. Themed after a 1950's cheesy horror movie set, Mayhem is a fun, frantic map where you run into enemies every few seconds. This is definitely meant to be played with a smaller amount of people, as too many will feel like having a seizure. The incredibly close proximity means you'll have to get used to constantly running into enemies, and need to constantly be vigilant to enemies sneaking up behind you. The best options for the map include SMGs, shotguns, and pistols, all with the attachment centered around hip firing

In addition to the frantic pace of the map, it has a fun design to it, as you take to the streets of a miniaturized city, complete with chest-high buildings and tiny toy cars.

It could very well be a map to roleplay with your friends about being a Kaiju, and stomping around roaring into the mic. Consider it a practice run for when Operation Monarch begins. Overall, it looks like the map will be a fun addition to Vanguard's collection, with a cool look and theme, as well as the intense and frantic action of Nuketown minus the creepy dead-eyed mannequins.

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