New Cold War Bunker Discovered in Call of Duty: Warzone

A bunker containing a bust of Lenin has opened up in Warzone.
A bunker containing a bust of Lenin has opened up in Warzone. / Screen by Call of Duty Fanatics

A bunker containing possible Black Ops Cold War teasers has been opened in Warzone. Bunker 3 was previously inaccessible through normal means, but players are finally able to get into the mysterious room.

New Cold War Bunker Discovered in Warzone

Infinity Ward's in-game teasers for the next main series Call of Duty title are in full swing, with new cryptic teaser coming by the week. This week, we had the farmland hidden room which was hinted at on the official interactive teaser site. There's another code, as the code for Bunker 3 was also revealed.

This bunker was previously discovered when players were able to access the inside by glitching through with an ATV, but now we can get inside officially. You can get into the bunker by punching in 87624851 on the keypad. It's located at B5 on the map.

Inside the bunker is a desk with a rotary phone and a bust of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin. The room also has various Cold War era machinery and technology, as well an elevator that does not seem to work at this time.

There are numbers and codes hidden throughout the room, with a code appearing on the phone and on the bust of Lenin. The number 53 125 is written on the phone and N2405 appears on the bust. It's unknown which of these codes or numbers will actually be significant, but keep these in mind for future cyphers.