New Combat Bow Glitch Plaguing Warzone

Courtesy of Activision
Courtesy of Activision /

Call of Duty: Warzone is famous for its' issues, almost more so than for the gameplay. From game-breaking glitches to players falling under the map, Warzone has new issues come to light with every season. Season 5 does not separate from this pattern either, as the combat bow is giving some players some probably unintended features when equipped.

This interesting glitch makes the player twice their normal size, which is seemingly triggered by the use of the combat bow. Why the combat bow of all weapons triggers this is not known, but this player's choice to use the combat bow allowed them to become a giant. Once the player switched off of the bow, the glitch immediately ended, but the implication of this glitch could lead to some unfair advantages for players trying to see around walls or over a roof.

Whether or not this glitch is repeatable remains to be seen, and Raven will most likely fix this issue quite quickly, as they do most glitches. Hopefully, Raven fixes this issue before players begin to abuse this bug, because players will use anything, including a glitch such as this one to receive a competitive advantage.

Raven has tried their best to be on top of potential issues in-game, whether it be glitches or hackers, so with this bug now being viral, it will most likely be fixed soon. There will be many more bugs like this one in future patches for Warzone, and before each of them is patched out, players and fans of the series can sit back and laugh about the ridiculousness of coding issues in video games.