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New Emotes Coming for Apex Legends Season 9

Wattson booping Nessie in one of her new Emotes
Wattson booping Nessie in one of her new Emotes / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment | Electronic Arts

New Emotes are coming for Apex Legends Season 9, adding style and flare to the diverse range of characters available for play. Each character will have a Rare, Epic, and Legendary Emote, and they'll be usable in-game, in the new Arena mode, and in the end-game victory screen.

New Emotes Coming for Apex Legends Season 9

The April 29 developer stream showcasing many of Season 9's updates introduced emotes, detailing that every Legend, including Valkyrie, will have one emote unlocked at launch. Like other cosmetic items in-game, the emotes can either be unlocked through Apex packs or crafting them. Emotes can be equipped to the emote wheel and kick the player's camera back into third person.

The developers knew players would be concerned with exploiters using the third person point of view to corner peak, and so they've added in a countermeasure. Enemies who were not visible before the emotes are used will not be seen in that third-person view.

A video in the Season 9 patch notes shows the "Anti-Peek" feature enabled and disabled, and it's clear that no visibility of enemy characters will be shown. There appears to be slight visibility of an enemy character as the camera resets to first person, but due to the video's narrow frame, it looks like a natural part of what would be in-game.

Season 9 launches May 4, so get ready to flex on your enemies with your favorite Legends in style!