New Exploit in Fortnite Season 6 Allows You to Craft Weapons Instantly

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

The new season of Fortnite allows users to craft weapons, which can be a big help to gamers. However, when crafting it usually leaves the crafter defenseless which is dangerous, for obvious reasons. Lucky for you though a Reddit user found a new exploit that will allow you to craft pretty much instantly.

Crafting weapons is one of the newest additions to Season 6. This season’s theme is primal, and we see that everywhere we look. When crafting weapons, you usually use bones that you get from killing wolves, so Fortnite is playing very well into the primal theme. But again, crafting these weapons takes time, but here’s how Reddit user “Jedisiri21“ found out how to make this process much faster.

According to his video, the first thing you will want to do is autorun. Once you’re doing this, open the crafting menu, begin crafting, then cancel the animation. The next time you craft, it should be much faster.

This exploit should lead to almost instantaneous crafting so you won’t be left defenseless. However, the exploit does seem to be a bit inconsistent. While inconsistent, the few seconds it could potentially save you may be the difference between winning or losing a battle.

Since this is a bug though, Fortnite will probably put an end to it soon. They are very diligent when it comes to fixing bugs and exploits and this will probably be no different.

However, until they do fix it, go have fun instantly crafting weapons!