New FC 24 Ultimate Team Leak Reveals Family-Themed Promotion

FutSheriff, Fut_scoreboard and Criminal__x

A brand new EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team promotion has been leaked by reputable community source FutSheriff.

FutSheriff has long been one of the most reliable leakers for the FIFA/FC Ultimate Team community. Radioactive is currently ongoing in FC 24, though we now know one of the new promotions set to arrive this year. As well, the official card design has already been leaked. FutSheriff posted the information on social media on Dec. 4 following the 1 p.m. ET content drop.

Check out the leak below.

New FC 24 Ultimate Team Leak Reveals Family-Themed Promotion

According to FutSheriff, the promotion will be themed around family members. Plus, the card design has been revealed featuring a gold theme with what appears to be rubies and emeralds as flair.

The promotion would certainly introduce popular new cards, as FutSheriff alludes to in the leak. Players like the Timber brothers, the Thuram brothers and more would create some exciting squad building possibilities. Especially if EA Sports introduces a chemistry boost to players who have the relatives in the same squad together. Radioactive cards offer more chemistry than base cards, and the squad building possibilities have greatly increased over the weekend. Adding more ways to get players on full chemistry is important to diversifying the meta.

Heroes and Icons already offer boosted chemistry, but including new options is always welcomed.

FC 24 Ultimate Team Family Promotion Release Date

Radioactive Team 1 is currently in packs with a second set of players arriving on Friday, Dec. 8. Depending on how many teams EA Sports plans on doing, this new promotion should arrive shortly after.