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New Final Fantasy XVI Trailer Released

Square Enix

Square Enix dropped a new four-minute trailer for its highly anticipated sixteenth entry in the JRPG series Final Fantasy. The trailer revealed plenty of information to help provide more context for the world and plot of Final Fantasy XVI.

New Final Fantasy XVI Trailer

In the lengthy trailer, it's explained that Final Fantasy XVI will take place in the world of Valisthea. It is a world that worships crystals and the deities called Eikons. Players will follow the story of many characters like the Dominants Clive and Joshua who will have to deal with the threat of war across Valisthea's regions.

Those familiar with Final Fantasy should feel right at home with its narrative dealing with series staples such as crystals wars and scarcity of resources. Each of the different kingdoms featured in the trailer will have its own distinct environment and Eikons which are essentially summons.

While the story of Final Fantasy XVI appears to be more traditional the gameplay looks anything but. Final Fantasy has slowly been transitioning away from the turn-based combat system that most JRPG are associated with. Starting with Final Fantasy XV and the remakes of Final Fantasy VII the series has approached its combat with more action-orientated gameplay. The brief glimpse of combat in the trailer almost looks like gameplay from a Kingdom Hearts or Devil May Cry game.

The trailer ends with a release window targeting summer 2023. Final Fantasy XVI will be the first new entry in the series for the current generation of consoles. It will be a console exclusive to PS5 but will also release on PC.