New Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Leaks Reveal Cosmetics and More

A handful of brand new leaks for Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 7 have appeared, detailing several upcoming cosmetics.
A handful of brand new leaks for Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 7 have appeared, detailing several upcoming cosmetics. / Epic Games

A handful of brand new leaks for Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 7 have appeared, detailing several upcoming cosmetics.

It seems there's no end to the leaked information data miners and credible informants have been able to uncover for this rapidly approaching season of Fortnite. From alien abductions to posters, sound effects, and, now cosmetics, it looks like players are in for an otherworldly time when Season 7 launches on Tuesday, June 8.

We've complied the newest leads just hours before Season 7.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Leaks

Thanks to credible intel from Twitter informants @iFireMonkey and @Lucas7yoshi, we have a working list of the latest cosmetics loopers can expect to hit the Item Shop within the next few days. A large portion of these are Detective Comics-themed and have been separated accordingly.

Upcoming DC Cosmetics

  • Batman Gear bundle (theme, two emotes, glider)
  • Caped Crusader theme
  • Bat Signal emote
  • Martial Arts Master emote
  • Batglider glider
  • Catwoman bundle (outfit + back bling, emote, harvesting tool)
  • Catwoman Comic Book outfit + back bling
  • Whipcrack emote
  • Cat's Claws harvesting tool
  • Beast Boy bundle (outfit + emote + spray, harvesting tool)
  • Beast Boy outfit + emote + spray
  • Beast Boy Bat harvesting tool
  • Batman Zero bundle (outfit + back bling, loading screen, glider, harvesting tool)
  • Batman Zero outfit + back bling
  • Batman Zero Wing glider
  • Grappling Axe harvesting tool
  • Catwoman Zero Bundle (outfit, harvesting tool)
  • Catwoman Zero outfit
  • Catwoman's Grappling Claw harvesting tool
  • Harley Quinn bundle (outfit, harvesting tool)
  • Harley Quinn outfit
  • Punchline harvesting tool
  • Harley Hitter harvesting tool
  • The Flash bundle (outfit, emote, spray, loading screen, harvesting tool)
  • The Flash outfit + spray
  • Quick Bite emote
  • Speed Force Slashers harvesting tool
  • Black Manta outfit + back bling
  • Manta Blades harvesting tool
  • Deathstroke Zero bundle
  • Deathstroke Zero outfit + back bling + harvesting tool
  • Deathstroke Destroyer glider

Upcoming Fortnite Cosmetics

The following outfits and associated back blings or otherwise will be available in the Item Shop around the start of Season 7:

  • Chiara bundle (outfit, loading screen, spray)
  • Crystal outfit
  • Bronto outfit + back bling
  • Fate outfit + back bling
  • Omen outfit + back bling
  • Shadow Strike Pack
  • Mecha Team Shadow outfit
  • Nite Gunner outfit + back bling
  • Shadow Archetype outfit
  • Survival Specialist outfit
  • Diamond Hanz outfit
  • Firewalker outfit

The following accessory items will be available around the start of Season 7:

  • Pterodactyl glider
  • Bitemark harvesting tool
  • Split Wing glider
  • Fated Frame harvesting tool
  • Oracle Axe harvesting tool
  • Shadow Combo Cleavers harvesting tool
  • Shadow Caliper harvesting tool
  • Scanline wrap
  • Nite Life wrap
  • Lock It Up emote
  • Shaolin Sit-up emote

Additionally, a late-night upload via iFireMonkey's official Youtube channel may contain what they and the audience are calling the third—and, possibly, a final—teaser before the launch of Season 7. The informant believes the clip is credible and, according to the video, the video file contains much more than an abduction beam behind a city skyline.

By brightening a single frame of the video, iFireMonkey was able to unearth a humanoid silhouette, a cactus, and a cow, all standing on or above the crop circle displayed at Colossal Crops on Fortnite Island. This ties into the milk carton previously displayed in a prior teaser on the Fortnite Twitter page.

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 7 will launch later this week on Tuesday, June 8.