New Fortnite Leaks Suggest No-Building Modes Are Here to Stay

Image courtesy of Epic Games

Players have been enjoying Fortnite without the stress of building, and it looks as though "no-building" modes could become a permanent fixture.

Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 kicked off just a little while ago, dropping some exciting changes into the battle royale. From unvaulted weapons, an armored Battle Bus, and so much more, players have had plenty to get to grips with.

One feature that has caused a significant amount of buzz is the temporary removal of building - one of the game's core mechanics. The abolishment of building has been part of this season's story, with it scheduled to make a return in just a few days time. However, many in the Fortnite community have welcomed its removal, calling on Epic Games to consider a "no-building" mode in the future.

Well, thanks to some recent leaks, it seems that might not be too far from Epic's plans.

New Fortnite Leaks Suggest No-Building Modes Are Here to Stay

Reliable Fortnite leaker, HYPEX, took to Twitter yesterday to share hints that suggest Epic is planning on sticking with the removal of building, at least in some fashion.

The Tweet read, "Seems like Epic IS planning to keep a No-Building modes, here are some signs/proofs."

"There's separate No-Building modes that they can enable anytime after this limited time event ends. They changed most loading screen tips to say "In modes with building enabled ...""

Of course, until Epic Games confirms the plans themselves we're only left to speculate. Though, giving players a choice of which mode to play could be a successful move. Fortnite continues to have a healthy player count, and many have considered returning to the game now that building is no-longer feature.

Only time will tell if we'll see a dedicated "no-building" mode hit the battle royale in the near future.