New Fortnite Movement Update Fixes Animations in Chapter 5

Here's the new Fortnite movement update in Chapter 5.
Here's the new Fortnite movement update in Chapter 5. / Epic Games

After weeks of community backlash, Epic Games finally dropped a new Fortnite movement update in today's patch notes that fixes animations in Chapter 5 Season 1.

Although Fortnite Underground features a dream collaboration with Family Guy and the highly anticipated arrival of weapon mods, the new Chapter had one glaring issue: movement. Epic Games changed certain movement speeds, animations, and camera views in Fortnite Chapter 5, unintentionally making gameplay less fluid and much slower.

Fortunately, Epic Games responded to the criticism and brought movement changes to improve Chapter 5.

New Fortnite Movement Update Fixes Animations in Chapter 5

After promising improvements, Epic Games dropped a new Fortnite movement update to fix animations and speed in Chapter 5 Season 1. Now, movement speed is faster when running and crouching, making rotations much more efficient. The hotfix also reduced camera movement while sprinting to "encourage a smoother experience."

Check out a video of the new movement update from ShiinaBR below.

To execute the new changes, Epic Games reset everyone's "Custom Diagonal Movement" settings. Before you start playing, make sure you reconfigure your settings to your personal preference.

Fortnite Update 28.01.01 Patch Notes: Full List of Changes Explained

Here's the full list of changes in the patch notes for Fortnite update 28.01.01, per Epic Games.

Medallions Readability

  • Society Medallion icons now stand out more on the map and should be easier to spot at a glance. We also reduced the visual noise present in the minimap when several Medallion zones are near one another, especially in the later Storm circles.

Balance Changes

  • Flowberries now grant more Shield.
  • Increased damage for the Ranger Pistol, Shield Breaker EMP, and Ballistic Shield's pistol.
  • Snowball Launcher mag size reduced.
  • Thunder Burst SMG mag size increased.
  • Reduced the drop rate of the Reaper Sniper Rifle.
  • Striker AR deals less damage.
  • The circle indicating a Society Medallion holder is smaller.
  • Society Medallions now have a brief delay before Shield regen begins. They also have slightly reduced regen rates and no longer refill 100% Shield (unless you have all five).

Weapon Icons

  • We’re aware of feedback that the Frenzy Auto Shotgun and the Thunder Burst SMG weapon icons were too similar, making it hard to differentiate them. These icons have been updated to be more visually unique and legible.

Storm Visibility

  • The visibility of the Storm’s edge has been improved so it’s more apparent how close it is, as we heard from the community it could be difficult to see.

Night Visibility

  • We’ve brightened certain areas of the map where it was a little too dark during night.