New Fortnite Vehicle Mods are Apparently in the Works

Notoriously a Fortnite Leaker, this is not the first - and certainly not the last - time that HYPEX has gone straight to the public with changes made by Epic Games. And well, the feedback HYPEX seems to have gotten is a bit of a mixed bag.

According to HYPEX, Fortnite is going to gain some new car attachments/mods; including a set allowing the vehicles different reactions depending on terrain. These new vehicular reactions will apparently be based on tiers. The details of this however are very thin on the ground, with only HYPEX's reassurance that Epic Games are developing the mods.

There is also the belief that some of these mods will allow for mounted weapons on vehicles which is pulling up most of the controversy on HYPEX's Twitter page, with fans and gamers alike undecided whether or not this will complicate the more competitive aspects of the game.

While currently, HYPEX has not come back with any more on this particular leak yet, it certainly has not stopped them from sharing others.