Call of Duty

New Gas Mask Bug is Killing Players in Warzone Season 3

Image courtesy of Activision

It seems players once again need to be cautious when using Gas Masks in Call of Duty: Warzone - but this time in Season 3.

Gas Masks in Warzone are a means to survive that little bit longer in the poison gas cloud. They're a temporary solution, lasting roughly 10 - 15 seconds depending on which type of Gas Mask is used, but they aim to give players enough time to move out of danger.

But, recently, what should be a lifeline is now causing players a new round of stress. It seems the Gas Masks are once again plagued with a bug that cuts it's protection duration short. A glitch with the HUD might show a Gas Mask at full durability, but once equipped its true durability bar could be significantly lower.

Warzone Gas Mask HUD Bar Glitch Explained

Redditor u/phenomzye posted a clip to Reddit of their experience with these newly glitched Gas Masks.

In the clip, phenomzye can be seen with their Gas Mask durability bar at full strength in the bottom left HUD. But, once the gas cloud approaches and the player dons the mask, the full durability immediately dips to just one bar leaving phenomzye to die within seconds.

"Gotta love losing a 14 kill game to a HUD bug (gas mask went from full to 1 bar)," the post read.

It seems that this glitch is showing Gas Masks at full durability, even when the true durability is much lower - owing to being previously used by another player. This, naturally, causes players to pick up the Gas Mask expecting it to be at full strength, only to then be put at an unexpected disadvantage when using it.

It seems others have encountered this glitch, too. User numberonebarista replied to the thread, saying, "I knew the gas mask was glitched!"

"There was a time I was in rebirth last week and I was in the gas with a mask on and I was still coughing and losing health."

AnotherDude1 said, "We lost a game in rebirth last weekend for the same reason. Teammate had the mask on and was running in the gas and you could see his life ticking down with the gas mask."

This isn't the first Gas Mask glitch to plague Warzone, with numerous having been "fixed" over the years. But, with this new one now in play, it seems players will need to take a gamble when relying on Gas Masks for the time being.

No official fix has been announced by Raven Software just yet, but hopefully a patch won't be too far off.