New Genshin Impact Character Dehya Leaked

Genshin Impact Sumeru Character Leak
Genshin Impact Sumeru Character Leak / Mihoyo

Here are all the leaks surrounding the new Genshin Impact character Dehya.

As Genshin Impact Version 3.0 approaches, players and data miners have been able to find tons of new information regarding the upcoming content coming with the new region Sumeru. Alongside new weapons, new enemies, and new Domains, most players are most excited about the new characters. One of these characters is Dehya, and here's everything we've found out about her so far.

Dehya Genshin Impact Leak

While no information is known yet about Dehya's abilities or role in the Genshin Impact story, her character model has been leaked. Dehya is a Pyro character with tanned skin, cat ears, and a cool Sumeru-inspired design that has already made her a hit amongst Genshin Impact players. While it hasn't been confirmed, leakers speculate that she will be a 4-Star character and a Claymore user.

It is unlikely Dehya will be releasing with Version 3.0, as data miners have concluded the first three characters coming will be the two new Dendro characters Tighnari, Collei, alongside a new Electro user Dori. While her release date isn't confirmed, the fact that she already has a model, and leaks imply she appears in the main story of Sumeru early on, it's likely she'll be coming in one of the first few updates of Version 3.0.

Alongside Dehya, several new Sumeru characters have been leaked. These characters are (from left to right of the Tweet above): Tighnari, Collei, Dehya, Al-Haitham, Nilou, Dori, and Kusanali.

Tighnari, Collei, and Dori's kits have all been leaked including their abilities, however further details have yet to be confirmed on the others.