Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

New Ghost Dog Pokémon Revealed for Scarlet & Violet


The Pokémon Company has revealed a brand new Pokémon set to debut in the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet & Violet — Greavard.

Greavard is a new Ghost Dog Pokémon exclusive to the Paldea region featured in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. This new Pokémon was revealed yesterday accompanied by a new trailer that showed off some of its features.

Greavard can usually be found resting peacefully underground, only poking its top portion of its head out of the ground which resembles a lit candle. When a person approaches the unsuspecting candle, Greavard jumps out of the ground while letting out a startling cry. However, according to its official description, it doesn’t do this with ill intent and more out of excitement.

Greavard has a friendly and affectionate personality as one would expect from a loyal dog Pokémon. Given enough affection, it will follow you wherever you go. Sadly, playing too much with a Greavard will slowly and inadvertently absorb the life-force out of people.

While Greavard's abilities have yet to be officially confirmed, it's said to possess powerful jaws that can shatter bones. In the trailer, Greavard can be seen using a Bite attack.