Apex Legends

New Leak Shows Possible Alien & Predator Collection Rewards in Apex Legends

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Each season of Apex Legends contains at least one collection event. Last season, the collection event was named the Awakening Event.

The Awakening Event last season was Monsters v. Mechs themed. The cosmetics rewards were either monster themed or mechanical-themed.

The theme for this season's collection event may have recently been revealed. The theme may be revolving around the Alien, Predator and Prometheus movies.

Some fans of the films may be able to pick out the references. The first, and more obvious one, is the Gibraltar skin. The pale Gibraltar skin resembles the character from Prometheus. And seeing them side by side definitely shows that.

The next two are not as easy to see the similarities. The other two are weapon skins. The first weapon skin resembles the Aliens from Alien. The all-black look with small spots of bright green.

The next weapon skin resembles the Predator from the Predator movies. The skin is a majority gray with gold lining the top and bottom. With the gold is small spots with red paint. Combined, these colors look similar to the Predator.

As with any leak, nothing has been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment. Until the community hears official news about the event, we'll just have to continue to complain about the ring changes.