New Leak Shows Potential Fortnite Crew Upgrades

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

A new leaked Fortnite survey shows that they might be adding new features to the Fortnite Crew bundle. The survey answers could lead to new additions to the game that will give those who pay for the Fortnite Crew more bang for their buck.

Fortnite users have been very vocal about their discontent with the last few Fortnite Crew skins. They have been underwhelmed with the new skins, and the fact that some skins are being recycled. Some have also been critical of them stating that they just aren’t exciting.

Epic Games is one of the best developers in terms of listening to their user's dislikes in the game and correcting them. This new leaked survey was sent out to gamers about what they would like to see added to the subscription. They also asked about having the subscription translate over to other games. They are also exploring the possibility of the Fortnite Crew subscription transferring over to some streaming platforms which would be really cool.

While it may take a while for these changes to come about, it’s a great step in the right direction. The subscription is only $11.99 per month, and honestly, you get a good amount of things for that price. From rare skins to the Battle Pass and V-Bucks, the subscription is a good thing to have if you play the game regularly.

Hopefully we will see the mew additions to the Crew sooner rather than later.