New Leaks Released About Apex Legends' Pariah

New Leaks have arrived concerning potential new Legend Pariah.
New Leaks have arrived concerning potential new Legend Pariah. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

New Legends in the Apex universe are always great cause for excitement. Pariah is a legend that has been talked about for a while now, but their abilities have only just been leaked and it is all thanks to data miner Biast12. They have uncovered some very nifty details about Pariah's abilities - all of which are based around steam.

Pariah was in fact first revealed to the community in a huge data leak ahead of Season 7, but we still have not seen them in-game. Fortunately, we now have a good idea of their abilities, including being able to see opponents' health bars.

It appears that Pariah has three very powerful skills at their disposal. The ability to gauge opponents' health bars is the first to be seen in-game, which could prove invaluable as a passive ability. Their ultimate, while sounding familiar to Caustic's, will deal damage directly to opponent's health and as a bonus, those who play as Pariah will not be affected by steam. Lastly, Pariah's tactical move — the sonar grenade — will reveal opponents in a specific area for no more than 15 seconds.

Pariah is shaping up to be a great contender in the Apex universe. This data leak was pretty big, but Biast12 cautioned enthusiastic fans against hoping for Pariah to arrive too soon. New leaks are arriving every day, and there is no guarantee in just what order Respawn Entertainment will release it all. Either way, it is certainly something to look forward to.