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New Lighting Storm Feature Could Be Teasing Warzone Season 2

Are Raven Teasing the imminent arrival of a new event in Warzone?
Are Raven Teasing the imminent arrival of a new event in Warzone? | Photo by Activision Blizzard/Infinity Ward

The Warzone community has been buzzing lately as Raven Software continues to tease some new and exciting events set to come in the Season 2 content drop. Here is what we know so far.

Raven and Treyarch have already teased a potential zombies crossover, after one player discovered a terminal straight out of Black Ops Cold War's popular game mode located in the Verdansk Hospital. Now it seems that we are in for quite a rough go of things weather wise as one player shows us in a recent Reddit post.

In this post by user SavageSesh, we can see the formation of a rather severe looking lightning storm taking place above Verdansk, with a sprinkling of snow appearing in the foreground. Some speculate that this could be another link to a potential Zombies event in Warzone as it mirrors the conditions that players found themselves in on the "Die Maschine" map.

Whether that is to the case or not remains to be seen. Though we should gain more clarity on the matter in the coming weeks as we draw close to the conclusion of Season 1 in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. For now though we would advise players carry an umbrella with them the next time they head to Verdansk.