New Loba and Revenant Lore Teased for Apex Legends

New Loba and Revenant Lore
New Loba and Revenant Lore / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

New lore for Loba and Revenant appears to be on the way after Apex Legends tweeted a short video.

The video depicts two images of Loba and Revenant battling and the victor walking away. The images are accompanied by audio of Loba and Revenant arguing before and after their battle ensues.

New Loba and Revenant Lore

With the video only being two images with audio, it's definitely a teaser into what's to come regarding the two legends. The audio reveals that Loba has found Revenant's source code and plants to finally kill him. Revenant is panicked about her discovery and a fight ensues.

Loba comes out the victor, but Revenant vows to shadow her until the proper moment when he can inflict more pain and suffering than she could ever imagine. This sets the scene for the new lore that could be coming as the two legends are intertwined with each other.

Though exciting, the teaser has prompted some backlash from the community based on battle logistics. Loba as a character is a thief with minimal combat experience. Meanwhile, Revenant is a machine specifically designed for killing and has over 200 years worth of battle experience. This begs the question of how Loba could possibly defeat a literal killing machine.

While we await answers from Respawn Entertainment and their new lore matchup, check out the latest "rat" spot found in Apex Legends and a new ambush spot that can help ensure your victory.