Apex Legends

New Loba Trick Allows Her to Easily Escape Opponents on Gravity Cannons

A Gravity Cannon in Apex Legends
A Gravity Cannon in Apex Legends / Credit to Respawn/EA

Apex Legends players have discovered a new trick involving Loba's tactical ability that allows her to easily escape from her opponents Season 11's new Gravity Cannons.

Loba's tactical ability, a Burglar's Best Friend, is a bracelet she can throw that instantly teleports her to wherever it lands. Until recently, Loba's tactical ability was best used to teleport through small crevices or windows that no other legend could move through. With the addition of Storm Point's new Gravity Cannons though, she has a new tool that can be used to outsmart opponents and give her an easy escape.

For whatever reason, Loba's translocating bracelet is not affected by the momentum of the Gravity Cannon. This means that by throwing her tactical ability after being launched by the Gravity Cannon Loba throw her bracelet to reach areas no other legend could chase her too. This includes back behind the original Gravity Cannon that launched her.

Redditor u/MrSpiderEyes posted a video to the r/apexuniversity subreddit showing exactly how this technique works.

The process is fairly simple. When an enemy is chasing you as Loba simply take the Gravity Cannon and as you're being launched throw her bracelet backward toward where you launched from. Because the bracelet is completely unaffected by the Gravity Cannon's momentum it will cover enough distance to place you safely behind the cannon and away from danger. If you're lucky the enemy will be duped into taking the Gravity Cannon to chase you and be launched hundreds of meters away.