New Mechs Coming to Fortnite, According to Leaks

A new mech-like vehicle could be heading to Fortnite.
A new mech-like vehicle could be heading to Fortnite. / Image courtesy of Epic Games

New Fortnite leaks have hinted that mechs could be making a comeback to the Island, with some new features.

Veteran Fortnite players will likely already be familiar with the B.R.U.T.E. mechs that made their debit back in Season X. A somewhat controversial addition to the Fortnite island, these hefty bipedal mech were capable of dealing some serious damage. So much so that many felt they were overpowered. The mechs have made a return to Fortnite a few times over the years, getting numerous adjustments to ensure they remain reasonably balanced.

But its been a while since we've seen any mechs on the island, with their last appearance being in Chapter 2: Season 8. Now, according to some new leaks, mechs could be set to return once again, but in a slightly different way.

New Leaks Hint at Mechs in Fortnite Chapter 3

According to Fortnite leaker @InTheShadeYT, a new mech-like vehicle is in the works and is currently codenamed "PlateHawk."

The leaks don't specifiy when this new mech could make its way into the game, but details that players will be able to "enter its seats, fire, secondary fire, sprint, and emote from it." The leaker also fantasized the addition as part of Transformers crossover, though there appears to be no evidence for this.

At the time of writing, Epic Games have yet to confirm the new mechs and whether they'll be hitting the Fortnite island any time soon.