New Mercy Exploit Allows Overwatch Players to Bring Players Back to Life at a Faster Rate

Mercy's latest skin
Mercy's latest skin / Photo By Blizzard Entertainment

A new Overwatch Mercy exploit has been making the rounds after it was utilized by Los Angeles Gladitors’ support, Grant “moth” Espe. Moth used it in his team’s match versus the San Francisco Shock in the Overwatch League.

In a game that heavily relies on hero eliminations and proper cooldown usage such as ultimates, having the potential to lower Mercy’s Resurrect cooldown is vital. Mercy’s Resurrect ability allows for players to bring any teammate back to life, allowing for team fights to turn on its head. At 30 seconds, Mercy’s Resurrect is the longest cooldown of any ability in the game. Only Baptiste’s Immortality Field can rival it at 25 seconds.

During their match versus San Francisco, moth showcased it by first bringing his team’s Ashe back to life on Hanamura. After bringing Ashe back to life, Moth quickly ran back to spawn, swapped heroes and ran back to Resurrect his Orisa. He subsequently repeated this action for a second time on his Ashe. This was a total of three Resurrects in a very short amount of time. An amount of time that gave his team more time to defend the Shock’s point B push. Moth’s actions held his former team from getting a great three-minute time bank.

Although the Gladiators still ended up losing the point, having this game plan can be of value. Any amount of extra time bought by this can end up having huge repercussions.

These Resurrects could lead to game-turning eliminations, possibly ending in a different map result.