New Modern Warfare SMG Spawned in Infected

New Modern Warfare SMG has an insane reload speed
New Modern Warfare SMG has an insane reload speed / Courtesy of Activision

A new Modern Warfare SMG might have just been leaked on May 11 as a Reddit user posted a clip of their friend spawning into an Infected game and receiving a weapon that has not been introduced into the game yet.

The gamemode gives players random weapons and this time it spawned an SMG that has yet to be seen in-game, so it's possible this will be one of the three new weapons that will come in Season 4 of the game that isn't very far away. SMG's have a pretty prominent role in the meta, so it might not be too surprising to see another join the weapon locker, although hopefully a new sniper joins as well.

New Modern Warfare SMG

The clip below shows the weapon's handling and it seems to be pretty hard to control at range, but with a rapid rate of fire, it looks deadly up close. Most noteworthy, though, is its reload speed that has a 30-round clip reloaded in just about a second.

There's no way of knowing its damage output unfortunately, but as its an SMG, it will most certainly fall off the farther you get from your target.

There's no way of knowing when this gun will enter the game, or if it will ever as gameplay of this gun has actually been available since Season 1. So, the question is, if it hasn't entered the game already, will it ever?