New Octane Stim Trick Increases Weapon Accuracy in Apex Legends

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

Octane is one of the most popular choices of Legend in Apex Legends, with his powerful Ultimate ability, speed and mobility. The Legend has many perks and tricks up his sleeve, including his Stim ability. However, there is a way to make him even more overpowered through using his Stim.

Using a new Stim trick will boost Octane's accuracy while shooting, allowing for even more headshots and making Octane more popular. Apex Legends YouTuber The Gaming Merchant, showcases below how to time the trick correctly to boost your shot accuracy.

How to Increase Weapon Accuracy Using Octane in Apex Legends

While ADSing with a 2x or 3x scope, stimming will steady your aim and cause your camera to zoom in slightly, giving you a better chance of landing your shots. This is ideal when you’re looking to snipe an opponent from a distance or control your recoil with an AR at medium-range.

It's important to remember that using the Stim ability with Octane does negatively affect his health, so be cautious when using this trick around enemy squads. Doing so can get you into a hard gunfight with a lurker who is waiting to finish you off, even after you take out other enemies.

Try this trick the next time you use Octane in Apex Legends, and see if it scores you a few more eliminations than usual.